Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Choose Your Car Insurance For Protected From Fraud

Have you ever heard of car insurance? you would often hear about how to choose car insurance. Indeed, many scattered on the internet that discuss car insurance, but just to explain briefly. In this article we will discuss about how to choose the right car insurance so you do not have to worry.

There are many insurance companies in Indonesia and offers a form of protection and vehicle maintenance such as your car or other vehicle. But you do not have to just believe, learn first.

All companies engaged in automobile insurance providing them a superior product. Customer need to do a thorough and learn what companies offer auto insurance that there will be a right choice. As for how to choose the right car insurance is as follows:

1. Cheap rate is not a guarantee for customers. Because many companies to lower their prices because of the competition the company, but no assurance services.

2. Check the insurance is on offer to you. Bail especially you can check, whether a lot or a little or reliable? because it reflects the amount of collateral that they have more capabilities as well, however they offer in accordance with the Traffic and desires of prospective customers.

3. See how many branches of auto insurance companies and whether it has business associates engaged in the workshop so as to ensure if the vehicle we are having problems and report if your vehicle is lost.

4. What facilities are provided. Are amenity, facility or maybe there is added value that can be given if you purchase their insurance policy. If the insurer has complete facilities it must have a tow truck, car replacement or hotline services, mechanic services, ambulances or anything that can guarantee your vehicle. The most important thing is that given the ease and convenience of obtaining information if there is anything you ask.

5. The ability of these companies need to look in other words, see how bona fide company. Experience says that many companies are claiming that they have a bona fide company when its financial condition is very severe.

6. Financial strength qualified for private insurance and also need to look at is the services on offer. To note also is the issue of costs or expenses that is provided to potential customers. many insurance companies that have a large and multi-storey buildings, vehicle operations that good but actually it's just camouflage to trick prospective customers.

In addition to the experienced people as expressed by the Head, Marketing Communications & PR PT. Insurance Astra Buana, Lawrence Iwan Sutanto Pranoto that each candidate needs to know even fully understand how to choose car insurance from an insurance policy and choose the car insurance really needed your vehicle. Car insurance companies should also have a good track record and has the financial statements are reliable and have the consumer or customer complaints center.

Car insurance companies should be willing to accept complaints from customers continuously for 24 hours and see many customer complaints from time to time.

See the performance of insurance companies in 2 or 3 years. Corporate profits are also to be seen every year, especially the gross premiums received per year. Them how much additional capital each year.

And, last but not least is how the behavior of the company's management over the years.